Photos of Canobie Lake Park 2005-04-23

These are the photos from my April 23, 2005 Canobie trip. They are a part of the Canobie Lake Park Information Archive.

The thumbnail photos on this page and the full-sized photos to which they link are dedicated to the Public Domain.


The weather was rainy, and the park was deserted. The fourth and fifth photos were taken from the Bebop Diner, and you can see that there is a new patch of concrete in the shape of the Bebop logo. I assume that there will be shows at that location.

Many rides were repainted, some with different colors. The Dodgem building was painted a garish zebra-stripe and orange color. The Round-Up was painted with a bright yellow, black, and pink theme. The Crystal Orbiter is now blue, orange, and pink, with black decoration. Its railing is also now bamboo-covered, to better match the new Wipeout, and next to it stands a light pole themed to somewhat resemble a palm tree.

The USA Missile is now black and white. A Kosmo Jet astronaut stands guard in front of it.

The Rowdy Roosters flyer tubs weren't installed, and the ride was closed. In the background you can see Rockin' Rider, another closed ride. It's SBNO Standing But Not Operating this season, while Canobie tries to sell it. The roof for the Crazy Cups ride wasn't installed, but the ride was running without it.

There was new signage here and there. The back of the Poncho Cantina had new food signs. The Palace Arcade has a new sign.

The "Your Hand in Wax" concession was converted into a gemstone/fossil panning booth, the Canobie Mining Company. The Extreme Smoothies booth was still intact, though it was closed.

I never noticed it before, but there's an entire house behind the Old Time Photo Emporium building. I have no idea what it's used for. These buildings are pretty good-looking.

This peacock was sitting on the fence in front of the Turkish Twist. This big fish was on the ground right outside of the new Minuteman Fried Clams clam shack. In the next few weeks it will be hoisted into place, to hang from a rafter on the side of the shack.

In the Palace Arcade, there was this new Pitcher's Duel game (or, is it actually called Home Run Derby?). You play it inside a batting cage. It wasn't working. Also new was a Line Drive redemption game. Here's a picture of Canobie's Pump It Up dance game.

Finally, a picture of the saw mill flume ride building, in the rain.

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