Photos of Canobie Lake Park 2004-09-25

These are the photos from my September 25, 2004 Canobie trip. They are a part of the Canobie Lake Park Information Archive.

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Trip Report and Photos

I went to Canobie Lake Park on Saturday, September 24, 2004. It was the last day of Canobie's 2004 season. I arrived extremely early at the park, at 10:05am and parked. Since I had been recently discussing Lake Compounce's unpaved parking lot, I took a picture of Canobie's lot, to show how it is paved.

Canobie parking lot;

At the entrance are signs saying, "Not all attractions will be operating today, [sic] please check with the cashier or Guest Services for the most current information." The sign also says, "Due to the possible large volume of guests today, ride wait times might be longer than expected." The CLP employees mentioned that Wipeout might open today.

The park opened at 11:00am, but the park grounds were opened at 10:30am, as usual. There was a very small crowd waiting for the open. Today was PC Connection day at the park. I don't think that they had a picnic, but they had a table set up near the entrance where they were handing out scavenger hunt forms. (PC Connection employees, be sure to return the form to HR by Tuesday!) Outings for that day were scheduled for: Mass Electric, Community News, Eastern Building Services, Thunderline-Z, and Abel-Womack (they provide "Integrated Handling Solutions").

I immediately walked over to Wipeout. The ride was in place! A little before park opening, park employees started getting the ride ready, sending it on test runs, and at 11:10am, they opened the ride to guests. I was among the first guests to ride Wipeout!

This Chance Wipeout was modified by adding individual lap belts, in addition to the lap bar. There are two lap belts in each two-person bench seat. I don't think that anyone will fall out of this ride! Additionally, inside each compartment's doorway there is a curved piece of molded plastic blocking the doorway and making it more difficult to slide out the door. (I'm not sure if this is a modification as well.) Finally, the lap bar really staples down tightly. It has a rubber squeegee flap on the bottom to provide an even tighter fit. Larger riders may have difficulty getting stapled into the ride. The height restriction for this ride is 42 inches.

Wipeout dude; Wipeout dude's face; Wipeout in motion; Wipeout in motion; Wipeout in motion; Wipeout in motion; Wipeout long shot; Wipeout medium shot; Wipeout; Wipeout; Wipeout; Wipeout seats; Wipeout seat belt detail; Wipeout sign; Wipeout underneath ride; Wipeout underneath ride detail;

The ride has an automated pre-ride message system, telling riders to secure loose items. When the ride starts, a recorded "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Wipeout." (the introduction from the song) plays and then the music starts. Music plays when this ride is running. The songs are pre-programmed, and there is a selection that rotates. I heard, "Good Vibrations", "Brown Eyed Girl" (a different cover than the one usually heard on the radio), "Cheeseburger in Paradise", "Little Old Lady from Pasadena", and "Wouldn't it be Nice". The ride spins one direction, tilts 45 degrees in the air, and orbits in the opposite direction. The result is an undulating motion. The ride runs counter-clockwise first, slows down, and then runs clockwise. There is also a pre-recorded post-ride announcement. The ride was running with two operators, one standing at the queue entrance and another at the controls.

I noticed that the station had been outfitted with buckets of absorbent clay or kitty litter and a broom, ostensibly to mop up spills from sick riders. I also noticed that hidden in the two palm trees over the queue area are misting spray nozzles. Very classy-- kudos to the person who designed/added it! This should be a great help on hot summer days. I also think that I noticed a closed-circuit TV camera on the opposite side of the ride and an empty space in the operator's hut where a surveillance monitor could be installed.

Wipeout went down for maintenance for a short while during the later part of the morning but when I went by again at 1:00pm, it was up and running. Wipeout collected a crowd of riders in the afternoon, and the queue actually spilled out of its queue area at times.

I noticed that construction had begun in the area of the park between the Canobie Corkscrew and the Lake. It's actually a bit past the Corkscrew, in the area where it was thought Kiddieland might relocate. From asking around, I got the impression that this will be a water ride or water attraction for next season. The official word appears to be, "it's a family attraction for next season." Of course, I took a number of photos of the construction site. It consists of a shallow pit with gravel at one end and with wooden stakes in the ground at certain points.

Castaway Island construction; Castaway Island construction; Castaway Island construction; Castaway Island construction; Castaway Island construction; Castaway Island construction; Castaway Island construction; Castaway Island construction; Castaway Island construction; Castaway Island construction detail; Castaway Island construction detail; Castaway Island construction detail;

Open: Wipeout, Pirate Ship, Canobie Express (with three cars), and Haunted Mine. Closed: Rockin' Rider, Portofino's, and Dancing Bear Canteen, Lobster Trap.

At 11:23am, Yankee Cannonball was a one-cycle walk-on! Amazing! At 10:55am the queue was one lane long, and I think that the line was longer at park opening. I took advantage and got a ride on YC-- my first ride in a long time. Immediately after I exited the ride I noticed that the line was again getting longer, so I think I hit the sweet spot-- the time after opening lines disappear and before the regular day's lines begin. At 3:18pm, the line filled the entire queue area except for 3 lanes, so the lines weren't as bad as on previous days.

Other rides I rode: Crazy Cups (my first time), Dodgem, Canobie Express, Haunted Mine (which was temporarily closed during the early part of the day), Giant Wheel (my first time on this ride; it's manufactured by SDC), and the Jungle Bounce which was a lot of run.

I'm not sure whether I missed it during my last visit or whether this is a new development, but the Boston Tea Party splash bridge is covered with a piece of Plexiglas. So, the BTP restrictions now are: 1. Riders must wait until the next boat has splashed down before exiting the ride. 2. Riders must be off the splash bridge before the next boat leaves. 3. Pedestrians are not allowed onto the splash bridge at all. And, if in spite of these restrictions someone ends up on the splash bridge, the Plexiglas will protect them from the dangerous water.

Boston Tea Party splash bridge; Boston Tea Party splash bridge detail;

Other notes: At Portofino's, there was a private party celebrating a birthday party with a lobster and clam boil! The Canobie Queen appeared to be in pieces behind the Haunted Mine building. The Canobie Express was allowing round trips during the early part of the day. During the later afternoon, they switched to one-way trips only. A new sign at the station said that the Express would not run 9:15pm to 10:00pm, during Fireworks. The penguin trash can was no longer in Kiddieland-- perhaps Santa's Village paid the ransom to get it back. The only beer available at the Son's of Liberty Tavern was Michelob Lite. I suspect that the employee concessions discount might be 13.33%.

Other photos: The themed trash can was next to Poncho Cantina.

Mine of Lost Souls long shot; Mine of Lost Souls sign; Poncho Cantina signboard; Poncho Cantina trash can; Tilt-a-Whirl long shot;

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